Killing my console.. need help! D:

Hey Crit Community… I need advice on building a PC around the GIGABYTE motherboard GA-B85-HD3-A. I don’t know the limits on this motherboard and, I got this and other components for free so I got half a PC… this is a first build and I am a PC n00b.

I’d like to know how to take this build to its full potential so I am looking into intel i7 CPUs but dont know which model (e.g 6700k or 7700k or wtvr) to get. What graphics card would be best? What RAM would also help this PC perform best? …Things like that. Would really appreciate the help and open to learning from you all.

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Well that’s a 1150 chipset so you can’t use a 6700k or 7700k with it.

What’s you’re price range, what are all of the parts you currently have, and what games are you trying to play?

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I have a mid tower case, previously mentioned motherboard, 500W PSU, HDD, sound card… I just don’t have the main bits like CPU, Graphics, RAM etc.

I have salvaged old parts from a friend as he is now running a Titan XP build D:

I wanna be able to play games like Dark Souls 3, BF1, Witcher 3, upcoming games smoothly at 60fps never below, that’s why I’m moving from console to PC.

CPU: My friend swears by his i7 4770k. My other friend enjoys the 4690k I suggested to him. If you want something cheaper, the 4460 is said to be a solid budget option.

Note: I haven’t owned those CPU’s. I stuck with my 3570k up until I upgraded to my current rig a few months ago.
GPU: on the Nvidia side, go with either the GTX 1060 or 70. a 1080 shouldn’t be considered unless you’re cool with having an expensive rig and gaming at 1440p at over 60 fps or trying to break into native 4k gaming.
RAM: picking any DDR3 1600mhz RAM sets from reputable brands should work out. Corsair, Kingston, G.Skill. Those are the “top brands” as far as I know. 2x8GB modules should be affordable enough and will go a long way on it’s own.

We still need to know what your budget is, what resolution you want to play in(1080p is standard, but 1440p is becoming a very comfy resolution to slide into), and any other circumstances that you can think of. more information helps us help you.

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Since the motherboard has a B85 chipset any -K part will be pretty much pointless on it. Having said that, here’s what I think:

  • Intel i5 4460 - The best bang for the buck you can get with i5s.
  • Cryorig C7 - Really any aftermarket cooler will work, I just like the Cryorig coolers I’ve used. Also is the same price as the Hyper 212 before rebate.
  • Mushkin Essentials 2x4 GB - Mushkin is good stuff. I don’t think 8 GB is insufficient for gaming as of yet either.
  • XFX RX 480 XXX OC - Looks to be one of the cheapest 8 GB RX 480s on the market, and I guess XFX has good build quality or something.

Well, if you so only be gaming an i5 4590k is best: … If you want to do productivity/creative stuff or possibly stream/multitask you might want a xeon E3-1231 V3: That 4460 i5 is really a sweet spot though, but not the best for overclocking.

This AMD Fury is at a good price for the performance you get. If you have a little more, the 1070 ain’t bad, but it isn’t worth $100 more than the Fury.


The r9 fury is a beast. I can play dark souls 3 at 4k between 45-60 fps at high settings. Most games from blizzard run at 60fps stable at 4k ultra. Fallout 4 in always between 50-60, skyrim remastered is at 50-60. all at 4k.


I am honored to have all this input from you all… thank you all a lot, really do appreciate it.

Just a little more info I guess, my budget really has no limit at all just working and buying parts as I go but do bear in mind I want this build to be based around what I have already (e.g. the mobo) whilst also getting the best performance from it all. So at the very least I want to play games like DS3 at 1080p hitting 60fps… and if I am able to scratch out a little more cash I wouldn’t mind trying to hit smooth numbers at 1440p in the future.

This is gonna be my first step into PC gaming so I am not really looking for a crazy high end build like some Titan XP rig but yeah I do want to be able to build the best on what I can do with the parts I already have… if that makes sense. I wanna get used to the PC gamer life too and properly learn how to maintain such rigs.

There isn’t much to maintain. I dust my pc once a year. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping your windows clean. Lots of people download everything and it gets over bloated with useless programs that slow your system down.

Just the other day my wife went and installed adobe on my pc and not knowing it installed 3 add in programs that did a number on my computer.


I would actually get an i5 4690 (without K) and 16 GB of fast DDR3 memory, like 2133+ MHz. An 240-500 GB SSD and a 2 TB HDD for other stuff. For the GPU, it depends: For 1080p gaming, an RX 480 8GB (from ASUS or MSI) would be perfect, if you want more juice go with an Nvidia 1070 or the Sapphire Fury (it has good cooling). A good case for starters is the Fractal Define S.


Thank you @homeboy93 really appreciate the effort from the link. I will definitely be looking at those components.

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is there a limit to RAM speed this mobo can handle or doesn’t it work like that? can any mobo handle any RAM speed?

I am not sure about this, I have a Z87 mainboard myself, so I don’t know about B85. You could also get cheap 1600 MHz RAM to be sure, it won’t really make much of a difference, for most scenarios.

But to add to that, if your RAM speed is too high for the mainboard, it will choose a lower clock speed to work normally (it can choose between different XMP-Profiles).

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Usually you’ll be getting some 1866 at 1600 price

will this mobo support the GPU GTX 1060? I ask because it seems the mobo supports DDR3 but not 5… unless this is only for the RAM? …I apologize in advance for my n00biiness in PC builds knows no bounds :smile:

Yeah it’s only the ram, the vram on the gpu is not taken in account

I shot for the gtx 1070 because Pascal seemed like a good generation to upgrade in and it performs solidly. Similarly to the R9 Fury, GTX 970s, 980s, and 980 tis have shown up on the used markets for solid prices.

One big thing to remember about PC Gaming is consumerism and that you have a ton of options. Used, New, time-limited deals and rebates, etc. So take pride in using them to make yourself flourish. Enrich your experience as much as you can with however much money you want to spend. Set limits and break others. And avoid taking crap from manufacturers and developers if that’s something you care about.


Amen .

USE YOU GEAR R1zzl3r! the more you’ll use it, the more you’ll like it and you’ll see that what we have on the market right now is really good.

As ReplicaEX said, don’t get in to manufactuer BS and techtubers hardware prostitution.

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exactly, do what you think is right and move with your wallet.

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