KARMA IS FALLING | The Crit Show | Ep 0003

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00:00 Logan tests the fate of this episode.
00:27 Get a .tech domain for cheap! $3.99 for a year using CRIT1, $49.99 for TEN years using CRIT10. BOOM! http://www.get.tech/ #ad
00:46 What is coming up in today’s 33 minutes of special torture.
01:02 Nvidia 1080 Ti having 10GB of VRAM
02:50 Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 835 & Quick Charge 4
03:45 It’s raining Karma
04:17 Smartwatches can use body heat to charge? Oh my. :new_moon_with_face:
05:00 Time for nudity 101 with your favorite professor, Justin
Man, just think if this pleb was on Steam - don’t think Volvo gives two shits about any of this. iirc they atleast have an age gate on photos you can share from your game. …Sorry, back to the show.
11:25 HTC Vive gets a wireless upgrade
13:05 Can you tell Justin is excited? D&D is in the Hall of Fame and Logan goes down memory lane
16:50 NES classic edition is going balls to the wall on hype
19:00 Elon Musk is our home boy, worried about a company that is going to make the next Bender
21:20 Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
22:21 Adobe creates Photoshop for audio?!
23:10 :rotating_light::rotating_light:TIN FOIL HAT TIME :rotating_light::rotating_light:
24:31 Back to you Justin!
25:47 ayyy LEGO
27:26 NEW SHIRTS! http://www.epicpants.com/ #AD
28:24 Favorite beer and whisky?
29:48 Metal influences in Zweihander?
30:40 Headphone options for new build?
Audiotechnica M30X: http://amzn.to/2g5ucpN
Audiotechnica M50X: http://amzn.to/2fboBxe
Samson SR850: http://amzn.to/2eRHmdX
Superlux HD668B: http://amzn.to/2feXzZ6

Holy smokes! What an episode. See you next week!

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Our Australian censorship laws in relation to video games / digital material is just a mess with many ‘self-interest’ groups crying to ban material even though they have never viewed the games.

As I’ve stated prior, I can see the game Agony that Pistol reviewed being banned once our Aussie SJWs hear of its content.

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I’m really enjoying these videos.
Condensed in just half an hour are easier to watch, and with a high pace it ends in a blink.

Keep on the good work.


That book looks familiar…


Oh, it also turns out the watch is a bit iffy.

I even enjoyed just reading the show notes. :slight_smile:

That was one well put together show. Proud to be part of the Crit community.

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I enjoyed some of the show this week but it seemed rushed and not enough news was covered. Anyway hoping for a better show next week and please go to a full hour again soon.

About the NES Classic.

When Nintendo creates a low supply, it’s the resellers, who make more money.

Nintendo still sells it for the same price to the resellers.

If Nintendo doesn’t make more profit from this, then why do they make a low supply ?