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Just a thing I noticed


So I work dispatch for an internet company, and wiyh all the sensitive information on the floor, we arent allowed to have pens and paper. So my last 3 calls of the day were from 3 cities.
Mesa az
Glendale az
Colorado spring, co.
3 hours after work I pull up google maps and type in “chinese buffet” and it reccomends 3 cities for my starting location. The 3 cities above.
I have all the LG and google voice saving features off, but im not surprised that it still does this. Interesting the company lets them on the floor though. Has anybody else noticed this? I have an LG K10


Uh I was talking to a dealer at our local casino and I said to him despite me never looking at any gambling video on YouTube suddenly I started having these recommended to me all of a sudden. I haven’t gambled online in ages and it was like twice. I don’t buy lottery tickets very often maybe 10 times a year. Obviously my personal information is being shared across many places.


Definitely, and it was never any secret, but when you have all the features that admit to doing this turned off, how can it be legal? I noticed it other ways, but never this specific; I feel like if I wanted to be devious at work, however, this isnt a bad way to start. If large companies can get away with it, what is stopping me from sending those transcripts to myself? I mean, we take the precaution of banning writing instruments