ITX Case - For Living Room + VR

Hi I’m looking for a ITX / mATX that Lays flat so can put on the shelf under the TV and can support a Sapphire 390x
The smaller the better.

Those Silverstone/Raven cases seem to get pretty decent reviews. Can hold a GPU a little longer than 12 in./30 cm

Silverstone ML07B / Raven RVZ01B

Silverstone ML08B / Raven RVZ02B

Think about getting this.

That looks like it uses the same frame as the ML07B/RVZ01B. I’m not a huge fan of the blue LED in the front, but it should be a good case. Just make sure to use a PSU with modular cables!

who uses a PSU with out them?

I’m ore worried about the size of the 390x as it also 2.2 slots

Make your own case from the motherboard tray and rear panel of an old case and something that fits your desired dimensions like a VCR. It would look way cooler.