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It's Beer o'clock! What are you drinking?


I cant read through this thread while at work, makes me thirsty


That Rising Tide Pisces I listed in the OP is rather thirst quenching



Goose Island IPA and Makers Mark. Cheers.


Blue Point Mosaic Session IPA

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Blue Point recently (something something InBev), but I have to say, this is surprisingly decent. Super easy to drink, the malts are very reserved and the hops are very noticeable, but not super bitter. Tastes like late addition or dry hopping. I’ve been a big fan of Mosaic hops ever since I did an English IPA styled SMaSH with them, but unfortunately the Mosaic is a bit subdued because of the other hops :frowning: Still a good drink though.

Much better than the Shipyard XXXX IPA I attempted the other day. That stuff did not taste even remotely like any IPAs I’ve ever had. Way too sweet and malty.


I just poured Triple Sec and Margarita mix into some lemonade. It was very good. :slight_smile:


Citizen Cider Lake Hopper

It’s a cider that’s been dry hopped. I got some for free so I went for it. The cider taste wasn’t all that strong which was unfortunate, but the hops did come out better than I was thinking they would. Notice how pale it is. Think of a mild cider with a pinch of hops. Easy to drink, but I’d have to try a more normal cider before I could give a verdict on the brand.



What ciders would you recommend?


For something with a little “craft”,

  • Arsenal
  • Downeast
  • Crispin
  • One Tree

Are all generally good brands. The Downeast Original Blend in the teal can is a good starting point if you can get it.

Angry Orchard also produces some fancy stuffs which are decent, although I’m not a fan of their normal cider.

I’d also suggest seeing if there is anything local to you. There’s a pretty good cider producer near me for example, but they are only distributed within my state last I heard.


Drinking a Fargo, ND beer called Techno Viking (made with real techno) It’s sour and has your craving for more.


Instead of wasting $45 at the track screwing my bets up I should have had a beer or two to drink but tonight it was no beer event after going to the track as they don’t serve beer at McDonald’s. However I did enjoy my Brisk Iced Tea and Barq’s Root Beer. I guess technically I had beer.


New Belgium Voodoo Ranger

Decent IPA. Pretty piney with some citrus. Sharp bitterness, but still a ways below an Imperial.

Probably a 7/10 for me, I’d drink it again.


Had a really nice dry cider yesterday. I’ll post picture when I get off work.


I hate sour beer soooo much!


Same here. My girlfriend loves them though. All she drinks are sours and ciders.

This is what I’m having tonight. This was my second Belgian (that I tried, not my second Belgian ever), and still one of my favorite beers, behind Chimay Premiere and Terrible (also from Unibroue).



This stuff is really good. There’s a local brewery called House of Pendragon, and they make a beer called Force Ghost. It’s like an IPA but very citrusy. Problem is I think it’s a seasonal thing. Either that, or they’re always sold out. This tastes almost exactly like it, so I’m glad I found it.


More New Belgium.

New Belgium Dayblazer

It seems like “Easygoing Ale” means it has a profile similar to domestic beers. Now that sounds really bad, but this one is actually decent. It’s certainly light, a little sweet, a little hops, and some maltiness. It leaves little aftertaste too, which is kinda nice compared to some of the stuff I drink.

Probably another 7 out of 10 on this brew. I think having some food with it would be best, it’s not really a one-and-done drink.

EDIT: Going to drop it to a 6 out of 10 after another couple. Feeling meh after trying it again. Kinda has a weird booziness if warmed up a little. Not bad per se, but not memorable.


Unknown Imperial Teleporter


I am drinking the tears of people who could not figure out what a gif meant on another message board elsewhere and they got all salty about it.