It's Beer o'clock! What are you drinking?

Yesterday I had Ricker Hill Mainiac Gold Cranberry

I think Ricker Hill Mainiac Mac is a very good cider, and their Gold Cranberry is pretty good too. A bit sweet, moderately tart, and not too carbonated. Only downside was that it’s a bit sticky (assuming it’s from the cranberries), but a little water clears it out.

It was special in a good way.

I expected it to have a more milk-like aftertaste, which I thought would fit well with the roasty aromas of a stout, but the lactose mostly makes it sweeter instead. I guess it’s because the yeast breaks down everything in the milk except the lactose. It might have a more creamy texture than the average stout, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the added milk or not.

Verdict: Would drink again.

The Dominus Vobiscum Triple is still my fave from Charlebois though. I also haven’t tried most of their stuff and I generally favor stouts over goldens.

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Well, my brother gave me a can of the 2015 Barleywine from Sebago Brewing.

I guess the ABV really is calculated before aging in bourbon barrels (according to the distributor rep I know), because I am completely ashamed at the state I am in right now.

Taste’s absolutely exceptional, with flavors of vanilla, caramel, and dark chocolate. The alcohol taste is pretty much nonexistent, which is surprising given the marked 11.8% ABV.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I got recommended this cider brand. It’s ok :confused:

This specific cider Mighty Hops, is meh. It tastes like a beer mixed with a cider. I was given it for free so I thought I’d try it. If you like the taste of beer but want something sweet you might like this a lot.

I’ve never really understood the fascination of crossing beer with pretty much anything other than more beer. I saw an ad recently for whiskey or something that had been aged in stout barrels, but the barrels the stout was aged in were actually used whiskey barrels. So it was like whiskey → stout → whiskey. I just don’t get it.

My beers last night.

Followed by a nice drink of earl grey tea

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Drinking this

One of the best Espresso Stouts I’ve had

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I find espresso stouts are very hit and miss for me. Some do it right where its just a subtle undertone. The other half its just way to strong and tastes like someone put a cup of coffee in my beer.


That would be this one, its also a oatmeal Stout, its smooth as fuck.

Think only one better I had was a nitro espresso stout

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had this last night, was pretty darn good

Allo Logan, this is how you Samichlaus:

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Westmalle Tripel.

It’s…good. Not really my thing though. I was thinking it would be a little darker like Gulden Draak, but it’s pretty light and a little more bitter.

You’re probably looking for a Dubbel. You could consider a Dubbel to be a strong brown ale and a Tripel to be a strong pale ale. There’s also the Quadrupel that’s moderately dark as well, but that’s a weird one since it’s not a traditional Belgian style.

Ya, since it’s a tripel I was thinking more along the lines of Gulden Draak, but reading up on it now apparently Gulden Draak is a “dark tripel”, so a dubbel is more of what I was looking for.

I also bought a Unibroue Terrible, which is probably my favorite, and The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery because it looked interesting. Didn’t wanna drink them all on the same night though.

I’m a simple man.

Trailer Park Boys Beer, like my glass?

not my picture but had one of these last night

was amazing

Howe Sound MegaDestroyer. Soooooo good and dark