It's Beer o'clock! What are you drinking?

What do people have in their glass?

I just acquired some Rising Tide Pisces and have a can in the fridge for later. Never had a gose before, but it sounds interesting. Wheat, coriander, and free range seawater.

does some homemade Mr.Nice Guy shatter count?
Fresh out of the vacuum oven {NOV,29 19:35}

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My favourite drink is Great Northern Lager (an Aussie beer)

I have no idea what any of the means, but if you drink it, sure I guess?

As an aside, my brother owes me some barleywine.

It’ll put some hair on your chest.

I wanted to have relax time, so I made it Suntory time.


I would drink Suntory’s Midori when I was younger (which was a Melon liqueur)


I will drink whatever you guys will buy me.

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I have some 60% homemade Țuică from Romania, always fun to watch others try :smiley:

Do you drink it, or do you use it to strip paint?

And since I finished my second to last semester as a full time undergrad today,

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Just had one of these, very good stuff.

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I’ve seen New Holland in magazines and they seem to have generally good reviews, but I’ve never actually seen any in person. I don’t think they are in my state yet :frowning:

It was quite tasty, I would recommend it, if it’s available to you.

I poked around New Holland’s website and it looks like the closest place that regularly sells it is a two hour drive one way. Guess I’m going to be waiting a little longer to try them out.

I drank a quarter of a bottle of Jagermeister last night. No beer in the house and very rarely do I have it unless my ex-fiancee gives me some so I settled for some liquor.

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Drooling all over myself. As I am sure you will be soon, as well.

Today I tried a milk stout for the first time, so I guess I’ll participate in this beer hipsterism thing.

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Well I needed more than I had of this tonight. I had probably at tablespoon or a little more left in the bottle tonight. Anyone want to bring me over some liquor?

It’s…alright. Not bad, but I’ve been on a stout kick lately. This isn’t really doing it for me.

How did you like it man? I tried that specific one a couple months ago-- wasn’t a fan personally but I can see the appeal! This brewery makes some fantastic stuff man.

This one below from them is one of my favorite in all of Quebec.

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Allagash Black is the stout brethren of Allagash White. Black has more roasted barley, chocolate, and coffee tastes rather than the fruity and spicy taste of White.

There’s also the Allagash Hibernal Fluxus which is similar to Black, except a bit more malty, darker, and a little sweeter (because figs).