Issue while viewing videos

Hey guys ! I really hope I can find experts on this subject because my problem can’t be really explained properly for me to do my researches on google so I’m trying here. By the way sorry if I don’t express myself correctly since english isn’t my native language either.

So…when viewing videos such as youtube, netflix or even any sort of video streaming programs I have a rectangle in the image that isn’t refreshing as fast as the rest of the video. It’s always at the same place. It doesn’t look like I can screenshot it to show how this works but I added a red rectangle square in my screenshot so you can somehow see my issue. Could it be caused by a 60fps video with a 59hz TV for example? I don’t understand why it’s always a rectangle in the same spot even if I go fullscreen… My tv is supposed to be 60hz.

I don’t really know since when I have this but now that I noticed it, it really bothers me.

I have a 27’’ Insignia TV [email protected] plugged in HDMI to my Sapphyre r9 380 4G NITRO

The website seems like it’s lagging or something… Each time I want to edit it loads for an eternity. Anyways, I have found the right term to explain this. It’s called screen tearing but not only in horizontal lines. It doesn’t show in games though. Only while watching videos.

which browser are you using? Some browsers will often lag or get screen tearing as they don’t support hardware acceleration. (Or it is disabled)

I use chrome, and I have disabled hardware acceleration since I had bugs with facebook icons dissapearing all the time.

Try using Opera, if you’re running on windows 10 there is some possible rumors of either incompatibility or M$ deliberately sabotaging Chrome