Is there anyway to repair a ethernet port?

New here to the forums and been a long time follower of Tek Syndicate. Anywho, time to get to the story. Recently I have to do some repairs to some of my house electrical wiring and I had to shut the power off. I first shut down my PC normally, switched off the power supply, unplugged my power supply, then turned off the breaker box. I finished my repairs and turned on my breaker box, plugged in the power supply, switched it on, then powered on the PC. Once windows loaded I noticed that I had no internet connection and it was showing up as the ethernet was unplugged. Tried different cables, different ports on the router, and also direct connection to the modem. Still nothing. Drivers are up to date, also uninstalled them and reinstalled the drivers for it as well and STILL noting. So I assume the the eternet port is fried (At least I hope not).

My question is:
Is there anyway it can be fixed / something else I can try to get it to work? Or am I boned?

Any / All of your feedback would be appreciated.


You verified all your other components work? (Modem, cables, router) Its not super common for ethernet ports to get friend unless you plug in something you shouldn’t.

There are some small devices you can get to test if the wiring for your ethernet still works, but honestly I wouldn’t even bother.

You can pick up a Ethernet USB adaptor for <$20 at most computer stores to get you back up and running.

I plugged in my laptop via ethernet to the router and it works just fine. Same as the modem. But on the desktop the indicator lights on the port don’t even turn on. I was hoping I didn’t have to buy another adapter.

Yeah, if the light doesn’t even come on, I’d say its probably dead…