Is there anything inherently wrong with my build?

As the title of this post suggests, I simply want to know if someone with know-how could tell me if there are any glaringly obvious flaws in my build. The original build was done back in 2013, and since then everything has been changed except the RAM. I feel like my PC is not performing as well as it should for the parts that are in it. It still struggles somewhat to run games such as the Witcher 3 and Just Cause 3 for example, even with toned down settings, and it occasionally crashes even while performing seemingly mundane tasks. If anyone has any advice, even to simply say that my experience is to be expected, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

you more than likely want to upgrade to at least 8gb of RAM, because these days 4gb of ram is pushing it for playing games and even just web browsing and the like. Otherwise it’s quite decent, if getting old now
16gb of ram may be a good idea as well if you find a good deal on it.

Whoops, that was a copy paste error. I have 2 sticks of that 4Gb RAM already.

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Your CPU… that needs to be clocked pretty high. I’d say 4.7+ (and that hyper 212 is not good for it). You’re using an AMD card too, this is not good for your processor, because it has very weak single-thread performance. Nvidia cards split the DX11 scheduler load across 4 threads, preferring physical cores to HT/SMT. Because of this, games with a high bias to single-core load will be rather harshly bottlenecked by your CPU on your GPU.

Next, as for the RAM, it could probably do with being faster. 2000MHz is probably the limit you might get on FX-8350, but it would definitely benefit you as it’ll squeeze out more from your CPU (the explanation for this is long-winded, I’m too tired to type it all out, just accept this bit for me at the moment). Since your specs doesn’t list any overclock and neither do you and your CPU cooler is pretty inadequate, I’m gonna assume you’re both using meh RAM and stock clocks which doesn’t sit well with newer very CPU-heavy games. Any AAA title from 2015 and later is probably way more CPU-heavy than it should be (I noticed a marked trend with this… 2014 was vRAM hogging, 2015 was CPU usage, 2016 was the year of no-multi-GPU, 2017 was RAM-hogging, 2018 is just a mess of everything), and you’re now feeling it with your setup.

Also make sure your pagefile is on, I don’t know why but some people disable it or shrink it to all hell and it can affect them in some pretty annoying ways. I’ll inevitably get flak for saying that here but… I am right about it, despite how boastful that sounds.

Finally, run a 3DMark Firestrike test for us. Default settings, firestrike 1.1, it’s free (on steam it’s 3DMark Demo). Linking that probably will show if there’s a direct CPU or GPU limit you’re having.

I never had an issue with 8350 performance with a 290x, used it from 2013 to last month. I feel it’s a software issue.

I’ve got a similar system at home, if its not running great just back it up, wipe it and reinstall. It’ll probably run much better afterwards. If you’ve been running an overclock for a number of years, consider lowering it slightly, overclock stability does decrease over time as your mobo and chip start to wear out.

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Do you have any recommendations for this, or could you point me in the right direction? I have not followed PC hardware for a while.

What do you mean by this sorry? If you’re referring to the profile specs I already have that turned on?

Thanks for the advice.

so, i guess the other option would be- have you ever done maintenance on the CPU/GPU thermal paste and cleaning wise? that and defragging HDD/SSDs could help as well.

Yes I clean it quite regularly.

Don’t defrag SSD

I was using a very similar build about two weeks ago, just went to Ryzen. That system should be able to run just about anything.

What are your temps under load?

When’s the last time you reinstalled Windows, if ever? Sometimes updates can really mess up an install, and the random crashing seems to be software related.

My temperatures are pretty normal, and last windows install was about 2 years ago

:thinking: No RGB? Heard that increases your FPS by atleast 420%.

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Reinstall windows.

If you’re only experiencing it in NEW games, then that’s your answer. If it worked fine in new games, then you may be correct it is a software issue, however… you should watch your own system metrics. If you think something has changed and you don’t check your CPU/GPU utilizations and speeds in games, then nobody can really help you.

You’d have to either overclock your existing memory or maybe find some 1866MHz cl9 RAM somewhere (I don’t know if 2133 is easy to get; I only know of one person that has kept that platform for this long and he claimed he couldn’t get above 2000MHz (though he was probably using bad memory, I don’t know for sure). It’ll help to have a lot better memory especially in such a relatively slow CPU platform (considering single thread performance).

Pagefile is a windows feature. Many turn it off, but it should be left on (and honestly raised above the default size). Make sure it’s on your SSD too, is my advice. You can use howtogeek to find some good explanations on how to access and adjust pagefile.

Also, I replied to another user thinking it was you, but I also suggest checking your system metrics while gaming. You can use MSI Afterburner and RTSS which comes bundled with it to make a pretty nice overlay for your games to see where your limiting factor is, like this: