Is merch long dead?

So I bought some stuff years ago. Couple of shirts, the best hoodie I’ve ever owned, some other stuff. It’s a testament to the quality that most of the shirts are in good shape though I lost the damn hoodie somewhere. Just scrolled through Epic Pants and everything looks like leftovers that may have been sitting for a while. I know the world has moved on in a lot of ways and I’m definitely not on the forums daily to keep up with everything but is Epic Pants and merch in general essentially dead? Apologies if this is (and I assume it is) a dumb question.


Merch us still doing ok. Epic Pants gets about 70k hits a month from Google search and such so if I advertised it could do ok on its own, but I don’t lol.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to list but really don’t have space to organize it. So, it’s still in the box. The hardware keeps things going really.

If there’s something you need that’s missing, let me know. I may have it unlisted, but I’m willing to look around.