Interacting with Serious Business viewers via Reddit


Hi. I’ve been a long-term viewer, yet although I’ve seen all the Serious Business streams, I haven’t seen any of them live since the schedule is too unpredictable.

It’s a bit of a shame, since I’d like to contribute to the streams via the comments, but most importantly I’d like to bring some news articles to your attention during the show.

Now, here comes an idea. I suggest you repurpose your reddit for viewer interaction and you just read through it live in a similar manner to the machete alerts twitter.

Some youtubers have a series where they basically record their reactions to such reddit pages, which shows that this idea works even with millions of subs and in my opinion, the effort that will have to go to moderating such reddit (in order to keep your live stream twitch-friendly) will pay off through easier gathering of content that your viewers are going to appreciate.

For inspiration, check out PewDiePie’s “LWIAY” and TwosetViolin’s “LingLing20Hrs”.

It’s for the crew to decide if they’re going to pre-record this section and add it into the show, or go through it live (less effort, but doesn’t let you slowly read through entire articles).

Either way, I’m going to start posting stuff there and I encourage everyone to do the same, hoping that there’s going to be enough content before the next livestream to experiment with.