Intel LANFest Northwest Fall 2016

Hey everyone,

Intel LANFest is coming up in a few weeks. If you’re in the Portland area or want to travel, it’s shaping up to be a really fun LAN party. We’re expecting 150-200 gamers, lots of door prizes, contests and giveaways. Not to mention it’s hosted on the Intel campus, which is just cool.

We’re also looking for a few server admins to run servers of their favorite games. Just click the ‘Volunteer Here’ link.

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I’ll probably be there a bit.

I’ve heard some good things about LANfest, still have yet to go to one. RIP me though, registration for group seating just ended 15 minutes ago. I might still consider going. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to a LAN.

Man, they’re doing their event SUPER close to PDXLAN’s. I wonder who made that call first.

How large of a group? I may know someone who can make a late group registration.

Not sure! I’ll have to rally my troops.

I have never been to a lan before.

I would really like to just go and kind of observe a bit. I assume I would still need to purchase a seat ticket?

If you just want to stop by and see what it’s about, no ticket required! The ticket is for an entry to the raffles and a table to setup your computer.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged. If you like what you see, and tickets are still available, you can purchase at the door. Be aware, these tend to sell out.

All kinds of folks come to these events. Some people show up and aggressively enter every tournament to pwn the world. Others show up and play single player games all weekend. There are some people who only show up for a few hours and others who fall asleep at their keyboard after 40 hours of intense Minecrafting.

The atmosphere is fun, inclusive and occasionally odoriferous.

Oh cool.

I will definitely poke my head in and say hi.

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le tempting. Factorio server hnnggggghhhhh

Unless I win the lottery eh not happening. I would love to go though. :S

went an Intel lan down in so cal few years back, it was really fun! you guys have a great time ok?

@TxTurbo How was Intel LANfest? Get some gaming in?