INBOX.EXE | How Much Work is Maintaining a YouTube Channel?

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Time for an Inbox.exe! You got questions, we got answers. Some of them even related to the question that were asked. You can ask us LITERALLY anything about LITERALLY anything. Remember: There are no stupid questions, just us silently judging you.

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Good inbox. But would it not need to be the board partners that need to set the MSRP limit. Ignorant on how that works.

Anyway for the guy asking about youtube if he reads this thread. I second on the friends thing. I was dumb and assumed because I was in the army. And lived with my co workers, and even when to the bars on the weekends with them. That I could work with friends when I got out. The civilian world and honestly some solders don’t understand about putting the rank on and when to take it off. I almost never ran into this in the army. So years later when I started a channel with friends I started it with a clear direction that everyone agreed to. Then they changed there minds. And went off and did things on there own. It got really frustrating. And people could not identify who we where. And what we stood for.

So in the end I had to go to my own thing. End of story. Most people can’t and won’t understand how to do that.

Also careful of any success or resources you make on the way. I had one person that acted as a friend. Then started saying nasty things behind my back to gain the favor of someone I knew. Some people don’t play fair and will run a bus over you if it gets them ahead.

Anyway just some extra insight.