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Logan is back to answer questions about literally anything, and chew bubble gum… and he doesn’t like bubble gum.



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Pretty much the only difference between “business” laptops and “normal” laptops is that somebody in the marketing department said there was a difference. Only when there are dedicated GPUs involved do they actually really become different because “business” laptops will have Quadros and whatnot from time to time, although I’d consider those mobile workstations instead of business laptops. And unless there is a need for that dedicated GPU (i.e. CAD) then really any laptop that doesn’t have that “RGB Gamer Bro” aesthetic will be fine.

I’m also hesitant to recommend Linux for business at the moment. I personally would love to use Linux when I can, but Excel is the de facto spreadsheet program for a good portion of the world, and if something gets FUBAR’d because of incompatibility, that is going to be troublesome. And god forbid one uses a spreadsheet that has macros in it, because good luck with those working out of the box. Although if the organization uses SUSE or RHEL you’re pretty much golden since there’s a lot more enterprise support there.