INBOX.EXE 0046 | Literally. Anything

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lol that was great

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@Logan Maybe a thought of as more FPS mouse? Like ones with out a whole lot of button? something similar to the first revision of the mouse you guys made or something similar to a Zowie or Death adder? just some subtle improvements? Just a thought and thowing more idea out.

Toss that shiny crap on the prototype mouse and I’d be interested in one. My OG M65 is getting a little long in the tooth after 4 1/2 years of constant use.

Going in that direction.

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thats what the standard issue was tho…it’s been my daily driver since it came out

I think you guys moving in this all encompassing direction is ultimately a good thing. I can understand not wanting to be locked down one path. It can get a little boring. And as you move down the road there starts to be a did that before. Would like to see more gaming content at places like E3 and GDC and such. And maybe discussions shot in some locations in Portland. But good going keep it up.

Thanks a lot man. We plan to hit PAX East and the local barcades. I’ll hit you up if we head to Seattle for any gaming stuff.

Something between Zowie’s EC Evo and Logitech’s G400 would be nice in my opinion.

I do not care much for the newer Logitech mice, but their ergonomic shape has always felt best to me.

The Zowie mice are great for minimalist design and versatility due to having no software.

I would make a larger palm grip G400 with a 5-setting DPI switch under the mouse and the adjustable scroll wheel they had on the G500.