Improving my audio gear, heeeeelp?

Hi, I’m looking to get myself some nice headphones and maybe a nice Audio Interface, however am unsure and un-educated.

I’ve looked at the Audio Technica AD700X and also the Beyerdynamic DT990’s, Theyre being used for gaming and music, metal & rap sorta stuff, The 700X’s seem nice, but they also seem like they’re not going to have any bass to them, which I dont think is going to be too good for music?

For an interface im also looking at getting the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, seeing as it has an XLR input and 48v power, for the AT2020 im looking at getting, however would this be suitable to also power a set of headphones, i know its got that monitor port for some cans, but would that work to get audio from the PC to the headphones?

If anyone could clear that up and also make any suggestions, that’d be great, many thankssss

I would say the AD700X and DT990s are both good headphones, but good for different reasons. The AD700X have a huge soundstage so you can pretty much tell exactly where every sound is coming from, but the bass can be a little lacking as you said. The DT990s are fun headphones because they have a good soundstage and have bass, but the response curve isn’t for everyone (the treble can be a bit too much for some people). I own a pair of DT990s and I think they are rather nice headphones for the money.

The AT2020 is a good microphone. I believe Crit uses or used to use the AT2020?

As for powering headphones, you might be able to power them, you might not. It’s not like amps shut down or whatever with certain headphones, they just won’t get as loud and/or the frequency response will be anemic*. The best way to find out is honestly just to try it out. If the audio quality is poor then you will probably want an amplifier.

For the interface, the Scarlett Solo is a good choice, but the Behringer UMC202HD/UMC204HD is a good choice as well. Most all of the features of the Focusrite products, but usually cheaper.

*My DT990s had a distinct lack of low-end without an amplifier.

Damn that Behringer Interface looks good, going to try get that over the Focusrite, ive got a little Behringer MA400 amp, i’ll see if that can power some 250ohm cans, think im going to try the DT990’s, im not a fan of little to no bass.

Thank you very much kind sir, cleared everything up my man