Important Question about two different GPU’s

i am looking at the GTX 1060 from Gigabyte windforce or the Asus GTX 1060 dual. But there is one thing that is bothering me. in this video by JayzTwoCents he did a review on the RX 480 with the same cooler as the GTX 1060 variant and if you watch the video you can see the thermals are very bad for a non reference card. I know Nvidia’s TDP is lower but he OC’ed the 480 from the stock TDP 150 to nearly 200 on what ever the OC numbers were and from this he had the fan speed at 100% and it was still hitting 80c.

So lets back track, the GTX 1060 has a TDP of a 120 but i am looking at OCing for sure and this could bump the TDP to 150 which jay said that he thought the temps at stock on the RX 480 were not the best. So does the 480 and the 1060 variant of the Windforce cooler have the same heatsink design?

I am debating between these 2 cards because the Gigabyte GTX 1060 is $10 cheaper than the Asus one and comes with a back plate which the Asus one does not. I do not car about ascetics, i am just worried about the heat and the % of fan speed i will have to have to keep the card cool.

Any help or opinions would help soooo much, cheers!

I don’t know a whole lot about the two GPUs, but I know in the past ASUS has reused the exact same coolers on different cards regardless of what they were originally intended for, so I’d check into that. I know some of their overheating cards a little while back was because they reused the cooler from a different card.

Sorry if that’s not super helpful :expressionless:

I have had a ton of ASUS cards I always get them through Amazon though that’s pretty important ASUS customer service can be sketchy at best Amazons is not they’ve got no probs replacing your card if it comes down to it. Using double SLI Strix 1080’s right now and the bottom card the one that’s getting all the hot air blown onto it from the first card hits 72C full load sometimes other then that I rarely see them go over 68C and I did apply a little OC to them 500MHZ each card. I have had a windforce gigabyte 980ti though and that was okay. But the thermals on my ASUS cards have always been the best when I’ve compared them to GIGABYTE ZOTAC MSI EVGA. ASUS is my go to brand for Nvidia.

Amazon’s return policy is so bad ass I make Sure I always cross refrence reviews on other sites for the product I am looking at but then I make my purchase with amazon. Plus if you are a fellow prime member you get that 2 day shipping for free and that’s a must for any impatient gamer waiting to play some games.