I'm upgrading my PC; help?

This is my current build:

I just upgraded to the RX 480 and now I’m looking to upgrade some other parts.
My PSU is really loud, and the fuck-ton of unused cables on it are just stuffed under the PSU shroud of the 400C making that space unusable. I’m looking to get a modular PSU, and I’m trying to decide between the Corsair HX750i or the EVGA 650P2. The EVGA is cheaper and I’ve heard it is incredibly silent. My main concern with the PSU is getting a good quality one, that I won’t need to upgrade for a while, and one that is very silent/semi-passive.

I’m also considering upgrading to either 16 or 32 GB of HyperX RAM. I do some video editing, but the primary use of the PC is gaming.

Other than that, I’m not sure if I should look into upgrading the CPU at all, or if that should serve me well for a few more years? I haven’t really noticed any issues from it, so is that even worth looking into, or should I leave it alone?

I see nothing to upgrade in your system that would be worth it other than the power supply and RAM, like you mentioned.

For the power supply the EVGA would work well, but really any 80+ Gold or better PSU with enough wattage will be just peachy.

RAM is RAM. With DDR3 there’s very little performance increase once above 1600 MHz CL9 in most situations. In games you won’t need more than 8 GB yet, but you might when video editing depending on the program and complexity.

Don’t bother upgrading the CPU, there’s negligible performance increase at best between Haswell and the most recent i5s from Intel.

Only other thing might be the monitor. I use a 1080p TN panel like the Acer one in your list, and frankly it looks like shit compared to the 1080p IPS I have sitting next to it. To keep it cheap you can either go for an IPS for better color, but the same response time, or a faster TN for smoother gaming, but still pretty gross colors.

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My main concern with the PSU is acoustics. I’ve heard good things about EVGA and they have a good warranty.

I’m looking at HyperX Fury at 1866, only because it’s cheaper than the 1600 for some reason. Will probably by 2x8GB and then get more later if needed.

The monitor suggestion is helpful though. I have an Alienware 15R2 and when I put that next to my current monitor I can really see how much better the laptop screen looks. I would probably get a 1080p IPS with good colour accuracy as my wife does photo and video editing, that would do better with an accurate display. I’d also consider a faster monitor, or one with freesync as I do experience some pretty heavy screen tearing while gaming.

I also Sell Them, Only PSU i use Very quite Very reliable

yet mine whines like a bitch with silent fan on and isnt hugley quiet while the fans on .______.

Would you recommend the 650G3 or the 650P2?

Me personal I would go with the 650P2 Its simple & looks nice