I'm interested to here your thoughts on AC (2016). Here are mine

I think the 1% of this world might want to watch this film before they keep things going the way they are. Fiction can become reality. I had to watch the part from the 1 hour mark on or so again with subtitles on to make sure I had the true understanding of this. I hope that this movie reminds certain people I know and people I don’t even know at all that we are losing our freedom each and every single day. We are giving up too much to the people in power. Wake up and rise up. Revolutions that are violent are needed in some parts of the world that haven’t seen this in a very long time. The Assassin’s Creed group in this movie say to stay in the shadows and if there are people doing that in real life and will change our futures for the better fine but I think we need more than that. Watch this movie as it is better than it’s Metascore and rating on IMDB. It sends a strong message to the real world, makes you think and does it in an entertaining way. Also let me say though that people that know me know my political beliefs do have some things that might be said to infringe on free will but I feel I am not the monster that many people in power are today. Still though I understand that if I was ever a ruler the Assassin’s Creed group would strike me down. : S : )