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If Net Neutrality Dies I Am Getting Off The Internet


At least off my connection.

To be honest, I think talking about NN is really boring at this point. It really sucks that a thing that is so open to everyone is now going to dwindle under the purchase of some shitty corporations. So, now what? What do we do now?

Well the thing that I do now is kill our comcast connection at my house. Which really pisses me off because we just dumped money on a router and I’ve done the networking all nice. If corporations want to own us we have to fight back. Its a free market right? Why pay them? My biggest fear is my cell phone bill in all honesty and ting might be the answer for that unless they are forced to close or start jacking the prices like crazy.

So what are you guys gunna do?


I wanna build a meshnet and flash my routers firmware with tomato if shit does go sideways.



What I do depends on what the corporations do after net neutrality dies. I don’t believe there’s any way to save it at this point, but I also thought there was no way for Hillary to lose the election, so hopefully I receive another pleasant surprise.

Get off the internet entirely? Not possible for me. For one, my job requires it. For two, it’s basically all I do in my free time (YouTube, music streaming, online gaming, etc.). I can get by without the internet for some tasks, but for entertainment purposes I have no clue what I’d do.


My job doesn’t require it, but my projects do. I host a BBS for L1T and that will be gone if they want to force me to pay 200 bucks a month, which I am NOT doing.


I’m bewildered at how these companies figure they will make more money by charging for fast lanes. They sure as hell won’t be getting any more of mine! I pay AT&T close to $250 a month as it is for one unlimited LTE line and home internet. Not a fucking clue what they need that much from me for.


you sure about that?


I am so frustrated right now that I don’t even know what to do. This is a topic that so many people know very little about, so they choose to believe one-sided explanations from the FCC/Comcast/etc. I can’t even move out of the country, due to student loans and such. We’ll see what Congress does, but I’m not hopeful.


Continue on with life as usual, there is not much you as an individual can do so I would recommend doing what makes you happy in life and not put all of your attention to this.


Corporate America at it’s best.
Reading a few articles looks like the Big tech companies are going to Sue the FCC.
Soyou guys will just have to wait and see.
As i see the VPN providers will have there traffic shaped as well as people try and get around this.


When the forum community isn’t toxic.
Thanks, you’re right, no need to get over-emotional.


So… You leaving?




Depending on the costs I might cancel my home internet. Bit too early to start reacting imo but I don’t use the internet a lot at home thanks to work and homeownership.


I have other ways to entertain myself than the net. Not much of a gamer or anything anymore. Unless this affects my Internet use at work, I won’t be coughing up extra money for services.


It will be interesting to see what individual states do in the long term.