I7 7700K SLI Build!

So recently my X99 i7 6800K died due to me gaming on it with a very aggressive 15% overclock for the course of 9 hours strain luckily in the tragedy just the CPU died so I unloaded the X99 board to a bro who needed it for some e-5 xeon shenanigans and I took this great opportunity to improve airflow due a bit of better cable management stealth my dual 850 pro’s and samsung 950 pro plan on getting double samsung 960 pro’s soon for raid 0 boot drive for windows 10 pro 64 bit and Kinda been looking into Linux Mint 19.04 KDE I think anyway’s the storage upgrade is a 2 moth’s away as I’m grabbing 3 more samsung 850 pro’s to add to that raid 0 array as well as a k95 Platinum keyboard and Polaris mouse pad to go with my corsair void wireless rgb headset and corsair scimitar pro rgb mouse and a couple more ASUS ROG Swift G-sync there pretty. For when I don’t have to VOIp I have a set of Open can Audio Technica ATH AD 900X’s that have 53mm stero driver’s they were pretty sick for only $130 on amazon. Just wen’t ahead with the auto EZ_tune Utility with my ASUS Z270 TUF MK 1 Board which I love so much value for just $200 USD amazing. Also Use an Xbox One wireless controller for Driving and flying but for action driver and or story driven and our fps or moba or rts i much much prefer good ole’ amazing keyboard (k95 plat with black speed on the way =D) and mouse Corsair Scimitar RGB Pro (FTW! way better then and naga or naga knock off or other clone) Last pic is of my over all temp immediatly after doing single gtx 1080 asus strix with oc’d i7 7700k testing all day long on 2k and 4k standardized and custom settings.

Have a secondary System monitoring pannel that is an LG 2560x1080 IPS LED src="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/1a2f4640c7c1d9228ebe05d774436f4ca437ae43.jpg" width=“280” height=“500”> this.