I3 6100 Startling Temps

First off, my set up:
Intel I3 6100 (Stock cooler)
8Gb [email protected]
MSI RX 480 Twin Frozr 4Gb
750 watt XFX modular power supply
120Gb SSD (Windows 10)
500Gb HHD 7200rpm
Antec One Case (1 front intake, 2 exhaust)

So I often get concerned over the temps of my 6100 because it always goes higher than I would expect an I3 to go. Under my normal gaming strain my 6100 usually runs around 60 to 76 degrees Celsius. (Stock heat sink mind you) My most played games though, usually run the chip at around the 76 to 78 mark with the fans blasting away. But recently, I’ve picked up on csgo (Counter Strike Global Offensive) and my CPU runs at about 81C-82C and that’s hot enough for me to fell from the side panel quite easily. I think it throttles that this point too but I haven’t looked into that yet. Temps remain with other side panel off too. I don’t believe my GPU is feeding any noticeable heat to it do to is rarely going over 60C and my fan setup. Heck it doesn’t even hit 70 mark from The Witcher 3. I’m planning on reaplying some new thermal paste, but I doubt that will make a difference, and I might get a new after market heat sink, but that shouldn’t be necessary with a low watt I3. I’ve dabbled around with overclocking it in the past, but never with anything hefty or risky or for long periods; so I don’t believe that is a factor. Also, my memory is supposed to 2666mhz but when installed it ran at 2133 so I had to over clock it 2533 and couldn’t get it to 2666 or higher unless I overclocked my CPU. So, any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. Does anybody know how well a 7500 would work with my motherboard? I do plan on upgrading in the future but not anytime soon. So if I could get Kaby Lake that would be great but If not I’ll just continue with Skylake.

Yeah 82 is too warm for a non overclocked chip. Have you tried reseating the cooler? Maybe change the thermal paste, as the stock one may have something wrong with it. I’d start with these options, then we’ll go on if the problem is still there.

I’d actually disagree… just because it’s the Intel stock cooler.
It barely can cool a stock 4770K under load, so 82 C on a slightly newer i3 isn’t unreasonable.
Though, reseating it may help some.

Max is 100C

Others were shocked at the high temps

Still yours seem higher
Once I was getting higher temps on my Kavari and I found I forgot to take off the protective plastic cover from the base of the cooler

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I’ve done some research and I do belive you all that are saying 100C is max is correct but doesn’t make your comments helpful. Past high 70’s is aparently the starting point for health issues with 6100. Thr 100C point is when it is definantly unhealthy and when throttling occurs. I am trying figure out why my particular 6100 is running at 82 when realistical, especialy with my cooling the 6100 shouldn’t go past 70C underfull load.

Things that cause hot CPUs:

  • Bad thermal paste
  • Bad airflow
  • Bad cooler
  • Bad CPU

I’d suggest starting with reapplying thermal paste since it’s that’s often the problem.
Also move one of the exhaust fans to be an intake fan.

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This is why no one should use the stock cooler. Spend 20$ and get the coolermaster hyper evo 212

I ordered the H60, I would get the evo but its just too big for me.