I need a laptop for playing baseball sims but

I’ve wanted a laptop that could play older games and especially play various baseball simulation games I like which require next to nothing to play. Now the laptop I am looking at shows some decent performance in the following vids …

League of Legends

Left 4 Dead


Now these are the laptop specs …

This is the package being offered by Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada this week. It’s the best of the laptops they are offering. Out of pocket I’d be paying $320… It costs $520 overall but my SDM points will turn into $200 as it is a Spend Your Points SDM Weekend. Also I will get back 4590 SDM Points which is over $5 in points.

So why am I considering this laptop?

I’m sick of not having something to play my sports sims (Dave Koch Action PC Baseball, APBA Baseball, etc.) on from my couch or bed which require next to nothing to run but this here laptop will also play some other real games at minimal settings so I really am considering getting this.

Now while I’ve played some games at my pc for long periods of time recently they are action based games so the time goes by pretty quick. When I play baseball sims I want to just enjoy what I am doing slowly and comfortably.

So …

Is $320 out of pocket too much for this laptop package?

Short answer is yes. Long answer is:

Yes this laptop is too much for the hardware you get. You can score a slightly older Richland based laptop (A6-5350/A10-5750) that will play anything up to and including modern MMOs on medium at 720p. With those options you get a bit more graphics horsepower and a better CPU for other general tasks like streaming HD video.

HP’s ProBook 600 series and Dell’s Inspiron 15 5000 series both offer bigger and better options at the same (or lower if you look pre-owned) pricing and will last a bit longer.

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