I need a keyboard for my tablet, and not just any keyboard will do, can anyone help?

So at work during my breaks I play a game called BeatX on my Nvidia Shield Tablet. Its essentially just Stepmania.

Recently I foolishly updated my tablet’s OS which I guess completely broke bluetooth keyboards. I was using a Perixx 805L (They no longer make this model) which was a bluetooth keyboard and it worked fantastic, but the update made it so it no longer works properly.

Until its fixed, if it ever gets fixed, I need a wired keyboard for a solution, but a standard keyboard is too big and looks weird to carry with me.

This is were I need some help, Im having trouble finding a keyboard that is Small, Wired, and has fullsized keys, especially normal arrow keys. I use the Up and Right arrow keys and there are so many keyboards that have weird half tall up and down arrows.

I dont want a mechanical one because that would be far too loud where I play this game.

Well doing a quick serch this what I found



there has to be cheaper boards than that.