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I know, you know, but have you seen


Quebec is too small, I’d take Mtl or Toronto


Dann guess I need to get a passport now.


Yeah, so is Ottawa man :(. Quebec is an incredibly beautiful city though, so there’s that.
Honestly, anywhere within a 12 hour drive from Mtl and I’d drive there-- whatever side of the US / CAN border.


I love Montreal… Plus it’s an excuse to sneak down to VT. I dreamed I lived there last night and the gigabit was $49… The office was $1200. I was so relived… Then I woke up. Lol.


I’m pretty excited to go this year. Couldn’t make it last year because of personal problems. Don’t think I’ll be bringing my pc either. Just going for fun and to help out with whatever I can.


I’m gonna ride my hog down there. Gonna strap my bigass computer on and haul ass. I’ll be blasting this song the whole time.https://youtu.be/nai7w1frB1E?t=4m24s


I will be providing my Bring Your Buddy a Computer service again. Additionally I can take passengers but only one way (three week road trip).
@Logan would it be possible to park a travel trailer at the venue?

My route as currently planned for anybody interested in a ride.


I would rather bring a gaming laptop but don’t have one.
Friends … what are those?
Games … no problem but I have a feeling that what I play would not be on the list.
Camera … I would have to see if the COD Ghosts camera that came with this special edition I got for next to nothing will work well enough otherwise I have no camera.
Some loot for the food truck vendors … money?
20 ft CAT5/6 Ethernet cable … well I have 50 ft cable but right now I want more but with our dollar so bad ordering from Monoprice from Canada isn’t so good.

No passport yet … **** 9/11!

It looks like so far I won’t be going. :S


Agree to EU LAN. Jebaited


Are the tickets for this sold out?


The space got double booked, so no Lan Syndicate. Maybe something in Portland at some point.


Ah, ok, thanks man!