I have a terrible problem that needs to be fixed fast

I have a usb flash drive I use with all of my programs for school on it. This week is finals week and I need everything on the drive. When I plug my drive it it says I need to reformat it. I need help…

I used MiniTool recovery software and I think I got it to a point of not failing my C++ and java classes. This has been a lesson to definitely back up. even back up flash drives which I previously never worried about until now.

Glad to hear things are going to be okay.

Always back up flash drive they are about 5-10X more likely to fail than full sized drives.


Hope all goes well
Good Luck!

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There are a tonne of free recovery tools out there so if it comes to it you could go ahead with the format then just run the drive recovery tool. As a last option.

I’ve been thinking about doing that. I didn’t know if everything would be totally lost if I reformatted it so I’ve been skeptical.

You should really upload your code to github.