I finally watched it and damn it was good ... Star Wars Rogue One

Well I finally watched it … Star Wars Rogue One. I had waited quite some time to see it and didn’t even dare go to the theatre when it was there because of the movie previous to it. It was a horrid experience only made fun by being with family. Anyway I rented this movie and glad I did as they finally got it right and nailed old school Star Wars again. I gave this movie an 8/10 and the criticisms I have aren’t that big and hardly worth mentioning. This is a movie I definitely want to own. What do others here think?

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I obviously loved it lol
However, i am in the camp that enjoyed TFA a bit more.
But i have seen it so many times, i was listening to the soundtrack and i was adding in all the movie sounds in my head because i know all the audio ques and timings XD (especially for the last 10 minutes)

I think you should have just went and watched it in the theater.
Can’t wait for The Last Jedi!

New walkers look legit, as well as Snoke’s guards. this looks like it will be very different from TFA, as it should. all the OT films were different because they all had different Directors. Every announced Star Wars flick will have different Directors, so i say you should just watch them all in theaters.

I liked Rogue One a bit more than TFA. TFA left me feeling mildly disappointed when I left the theater. Rouge One in my opinion started kind of weak and ended strong where as TFA started strong and ended a bit weak.

I feel like Rouge One was “better”, but I honestly don’t remember it well. I remember TFA much more, what happened and big details more then Rouge One.

I guess it’s because i have seen them both so many times, because even just listening to the soundtrack, i am adding in scene sounds and dialogue in my head XD