I finally get it now…a wise decision was made!

First let me say that I’m not a very active member on the web and here. I’m an observer mostly…but I have to say this.
Also, sorry for my rusted english.

When I heard about Tek syndicate split up I was very confused. Not angry, just I didn’t understand it. Everything was normal, then boom. There was steady content, mostly tech reviews and the tek…nothing out of place. That exactly was the problem that I understand now. The videos were too predictable and without creativity .

I mean, a 20 min review about a pc motherboard is all fine but if you really look in perspective, it’s all just a momentary thing. In a few months new tech will appear and a few hundred other youtube channels will do reviews about that. Wendell was a master of details about the PC world and I respect him for that, but I would never imagine him doing crazy stuff like Logan and the new guys.

If you lose yourself in the details of specs and hardware what do you accomplish? The technology is a way to help you do other things that makes you human ( interesting ideas, gaming, funny moments, travel, culture, music), not just analyzing it like a robot. I think that is what Crit TV is all about now, and we can already see the new way from their first videos…way more cool and funny. We also need more videos like highlander, how to fix a dead graphics card, inbox videos, WASD, factory tours etc.

Logan, if you have a crazy idea just do it and post it on the channel.
I know similar things were said in the recent past but we have to encourage the Crit team after all this hate. The channel has a lot of potential, but it needed the right people. Now burn like the Earth!


When you get to the bottom of it, why do we really watch content? To appeal to our customs, to participate in communities, to find people that resemble us and with our way of thinking. A review is only useful when it is in real usage context.


I am all for more stuff like Highlander. I even have two Highlander shirts. Do more adventurous things and I will buy more shirts!

A lot of people watched reviews from Tek syndicate because they knew what they were talking about. They didn’t skimp on the details. Now, what sets them apart from the other reviews? What does Crit bring to the table that I can’t get else where. Before, they had experts in their respective fields who could translate what and why this new hardware was important. That is what made the videos IMO. I want to believe in crit, but they need to find a way to make themself different from all the other techtuber clones if they want to succeed. Being silly is nice, but there needs to be more substance than just that.

I guess Logan, and his team are wanting to feature ‘tech lifestyle’ / ‘nerd-culture’ alongside their review on tech / computing components.

A noble profession. I hope it works out for them. It will take time to rebuild the user base.

I am quite excited to see the new content and where the channel will go from here. Sure there are still haters in YouTube, but I like this bold new direction.

And best of all, even if the split of TekSyndicate was sad at first, now we get to see Logan, Wendell, and Qain, do their own thing in their very best. Triple the content for all of us.

However, I’m more active here in CRIT.TV than anywhere else right now wink wink

Indeed. Even if some people will not like the new content, Wendell and Qain are still there, doing what they know and love. From my point of view it’s a win-win situation.

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Covering every single Motherboard or GPU or CPU is a bit silly. Covering some is obviously okay and expected. But I am on X99 with the i7 6800K 64GB or ram Samsung 950 M.2 NVME boot drive and raid 0 samsung 850 pro’s on a 850 watt gold rated corsair psu and a corsair h100i V2 Liquid cooler for my PC my motherboard is the X99 ROG Strix and my 1080’s are STRIX’s. I think most people have something akin to this here probably not exactly like it maybe a couple tiers down or even a couple tiers above but were all pretty much enthusiasts/Prosumer so we all stay self informed on other previously established channels like Linus Tech Tips and Paul’s Hardware and what not at a certain point your are just over saturating the community with the same info and it’s pretty freaking boring. Would much rather hear about what PC game(s) is/are hot right now and why what cool app’s are out any major developments in the tech world retaining to law and its enforcement or lack of have been nice. I also really personally enjoy rant 30 segments I’d like some more of those that’d be awesome!


I just hope they don’t become the buzzfeed of techtubers. ;_;

I like the new content. While I do like the nitty gritty numbers, the reason I watched the tek and related shows was for Logan’s particular style and vibe, so to speak. It was to sit back, gain a bit of knowledge, and at the same time enjoy it. The problem was those moments were too far and few between the hard numbers, and it became frustrating. In addition, the final problem was the “DOOMSDAY” news that the tek kept putting up. I understand why those things are important, but I want to forget about my shitty life for a little while and be entertained, not be reminded of it.

Big fan of the new content here. Enjoying the slightly more light hearted take on things and the proposed wider view on nerd culture etc. Whilst I have a decent rig it’s not high end/enthusiast level so it’s nice to not be constantly swamped with top end tech I’ll never be able to afford (I can get that from other channels anyway), and Crits personalities and humour appeal to me more than any other channel. They’re planning to produce a nice mix of content I’m interested in all in one place and a style I enjoy.

I like the content so far. I just want to see more hardware reviews. That’s what got me into Tek in the first place was the no bullshit bought out reviews. Then all the other stuff came second for me.

I agree, even if the split wasnt about creative direction and that all of this was being/could have been done on the old TS, would be nice to see that happen now. Heres to hoping