I cloned my hard drive then I accidently deleted it

It may sound stupid and I’m laughing as but I accidently deleted the information on my new 1tb sata harddrive that replaced my 500gb ide, I went into the system configurations and I selected the original boot not knowing what it would do, after that I opened my case and plugged in the 500gb ide, then got to try and clone it with programs like reflect and ease us, none have and I hypothesis that it is because I’ve convensed the drive that I would “repair windows” but idk.

tldr; how do I reset my hard drive back to factory settings so I can clone my hard drive again.

If you have critical data you need to pull off the drive, attach the drive in question to a system that is running everything on a different drive and run something like Recurva (windows) , or use Testdisk or another alternative that works on the OS of the drive being used to run the recovery.

Do not recover the data back to the affected drive directly, you might overwrite the data you’re trying to recover.

Afterwards, format the drive with a windows installer or a liveUSB/CD of linux with GParted then reinstall the OS.

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thanks for the help, sorry for the late response, got the the data deleted and I’m gonna clone it again soon.