I bought a fan controller but won't be able to use it anymore. From ATX to ITX

I have an ATX case with front panels so I bought the NZXT sentry mesh fan controller but I decided to build a mini-ITX in the Phanteks Evolv ITX case. My problem is it doesn’t have front panels at all. Do you think I could mod my fan controller so it fits in with the hidden psu on the bottom? I’m not really ‘‘hand working’’ when it comes to electronics so I need advice. I don’t want to spend 50$ on a phanteks hub… -_- I thought it was included in the case.

Nevermind the stupid question. I checked the piece and there is only a few screws to remove and I can have only the switches without the ‘‘bay’’ to install on the front panel. My only issue now is if I want to control my fans I will have to open my case everytime? Not handy…

There is another fan-controller from NZXT, it does allow for 6 fans to be connected

Pricetag is 30$ and can be controlled via CAM software

seems pretty neat.

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Thanks, but I forgot to tell you i’m canadian. Your 30$ bucks is now 40ish $ :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol ok, in Europe it’s about the same 40ish euro! god damn currency differences :joy:

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