HP Omen X 17: This Laptop Kills PUBG | GTX 1070 & i7 7700HQ - Overclockable

Originally published at: https://teksyndicate.com/hp-omen-x-17-this-laptop-kills-pubg-gtx-1070-i7-7700hq-overclockable/

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I can honestly say I drooled when I saw this review on this laptop. Quite honestly I could do with less as I really just want something that will play some baseball simulations but yes a dream laptop would play more. Also the idea of using the laptop also as the home pc is an awesome idea. Now as for checking out the price on the item when I clicked the link it was going to YouTube and causing some sort of funky error. Anyway the laptop is probably too rich for my blood but it definitely will make a nice Christmas present for someone. Oh and as for the weight of the laptop hey carrying around 10 lbs. will be exercise for someone like me so I’d welcome it.

I’m not sure of the exact price in Australia, but you’d be looking at around $3000 (or more) in Aussie dollars.

Still a nice laptop to own though.

The T H I C C edits! This is great. :rofl::joy: