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How To Play Wii U With An Xbox One Controller on a PC | WTF Are We Doing?


Originally published at: https://crit.tv/how-to-play-wii-u-with-an-xbox-one-controller-on-a-pc-wtf-are-we-doing/

Logan walks through how to play Wii U games using emulation and a standard Xbox controller! Mario Kart 8 looks pretty sweet in 4K…

What you need:

Don't have an Xbox One Controller? I picked up one on eBay. It is so cheap that I thought it was a fake, but I can't tell the difference. You will need to supply your own micro USB cable. Click the link above.

You will need keys to play the game. You can go here on Reddit to find them: CaptBrian on Reddit Note: The keys.txt file does not appear until after you have run CEMU at least once.

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INB4 Nintendo DMCA.

Because Nintendo are douchecanoes like that.


That’s why I didn’t do any OBS screen capturing… only used a handicam for these shots. Let’s see how this goes.




I’ve got all the good wii u games in my livingroom, that means I can emulate them. Take that nintendo.


Interesting video for sure but with me owning a Wii U I don’t really need this right now. However I would be interested in just using it to see how well the emulator works and how they improve on it in the future.


With the cache and the right settings, some games run pretty good so long as you have a fast i5 or better and a good GPU.


Nice Video!


Another great video.


Only thing I didn’t like: ‘#’ is a pound symbol, not a ‘hashtag’. But that’s just being pedantic…




This was a good video, should do a dosbox or other emulators