How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Phone: Keepvid App Overview

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Tek Syndicate takes a look at the android app version of KeepVid.


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To be honest, I feel like this is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing videos of. To me it comes across as an ad that’s trying to portray itself as a review, which is a no-go in my book unless it’s explicitly stated it’s an ad before I spend too much time on it.

Opinion noted. Count this an an extra video outside of our regular schedule that took about 1/5 the amount of time to shoot. I figured the topic would get good hits over time and bring new people in. It’s something people search on google/youtube. So, when they asked us to check out their app I thought it would be fine as an extra video this week.

Okay, that makes sense. I was just thinking that if this turned into a Shill:30 channel then I’d be bailing quick. But if there’s a method to the madness then everything’s fine by me.

For anyone telling Logan not to do videos like this eh Tek Syndicate has to make money but also instructionals seemed to work for Linus. I have no problem with a video like this once in awhile as others do it. Now let me say I didn’t watch it yet as well as soon as I saw phone I was disinterested but I will get to watching it.

Personally I don’t mind videos like this, but would appreciate there being a discount code should I decided to buy the ful version. I’ve tried KeepVid after Logan’s video, and like it enough to go Pro, but going full asking price is a bit off-putting.

Check out youtube-dl if you guys want to download yt vids on linux/Mac/PC without a hassle.