How tall are you (especially you Logan!)

tried to find this question on the old forum but I couldn’t find it, I wanted to find them because I want to show my friend how big my new mionix mouse is because it surprised me but I enjoy the size and thought it made sense that logan used such a big mouse.

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194 cm, but they say I have smaller hands and a smaller head than I should… I can barely palm a basketball… and my hat size is 7 1/4.


Rename thread into “How tall are you (especially you Logan!)” and we can all mention our height :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m 193cm but the opposite: big hands, big head.

I for instance was not able to review Razer DiamondBack for mine channel, had to call a friend. Thats why I use Func MS3 as daily driver.

shit, I’m only 178 cm

changed the title.

Thanks, by the way I’m getting the mionix naos 3200 for christmas tried it and I loved it, but the only problem I had with it was for some reason version 1.07 wouldn’t start, I know I don’t need it but I’d to know a fix and I should probrably start an all new thread about it.

Just a hair taller then you, and people said you were a giant. For that matter how tall is Jay compared to you?

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I’m 5’11 almost 6’

I’m 2.09m

6 feet 1 inch

I’m 5’11 with luxurious, state of the art, hands and feet. Also, arms and legs equipped with kung fu action grips.

6 feet 3 inches

I’m 190 cm :slight_smile:

ya’ll are fucking tall mother fuckers

1m91 here. I suddenly feel short. I do however have XX large hands

I’m 178 cm as well.

Somehow we’re the shortest and everybody else sounds like they’re Slender Man.

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I’m only 5 feet tall, so I’m a relative ‘shortie’ lol.



185.42 cm