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How do you type? (Poll)


I was just thinking about this because I got my new keyboard recently, and it’s made me realize that I have never really been taught how to type. Specifically, I noticed that I use my right index finger to hit the space bar most of the times. I’ve never done any typing programs or anything. So I’m finding it somewhat difficult to figure out where to put my fingers with the new key combinations for this keyboard. I usually end up at about 80 WPM on a normal keyboard, but I’m only at about 63 on my new 40%. I’m sure I’ll warm up eventually, it just got me thinking.

What about you guys?

Strict is like by the books, or very close to them.
Semi is you were taught, but have your own methods as well.
Self-taught is no training.

  • Strict
  • Semi-strict
  • Self-taught

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