How do you think I could make this a gaming machine

Hi guys!
Long story short, a few years ago I needed a computer for basic stuff and had a little bit of money on the side and build this:

  • MSI B85-41 PC Mate

  • Intel Pentium G3220

  • Kingston 8GB DDR3 CL10 HyperX Blu

  • Silverstone 450w Power Supply

And that’s it…the rest in my opinion is irrelevant…It runs the basic stuff and that’s it!

I’m inclined to make a upgrade on this machine, but wanted to know some thoughts, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming the CPU and GPU things, what in your opinion and experience I should buy! The budget is not much, like 200€ for now. I can on the long run, make more upgrades.

What do you guys think? How I can turn this to a gaming machine and not become broke!

Just an FYI, your CPU has been holding your RAM back this entire time. Take a look from the Intel Ark.

Now, your mobo, RAM, and PSU are fine for now. You shouldn’t need to upgrade those. What you would need to focus on, is getting a better CPU and GPU.

A better CPU, like getting you up to an i5, will give you two more higher clocked cores. Much needed for cpu-demanding games. So it depends on what you want to play. You can get these for you socket pretty easily, used, for 200 or less.

A better GPU will allow you to play something besides game emulators on that rig right now. For 200 you can get the RX 480 4 GiB version which is the best GPU in its tier.

The next biggest upgrade you can do for your system, is to get an SSD for you boot drive. That will give you a better user experience for quality of life tasks. You can get SSD’s on the cheap these days. top of the line, 256 GiB Samsung 850 pro’s for less than <150.

The issue is that you currently only have enough money to afford one upgrade, and to really get the most out of the upgrade, you would need a better CPU and GPU.

My advice, get the CPU upgrade now, because a 480 will definitely be held back by a dual core Pentium. Once that bottleneck has been removed, get the GPU. Maybe by that time you would be able to get something better anyway, as the price on GPU’s go down all the time.


^^ what Dynamic said is good advice. Once you upgrade your cpu, look around for second hand gtx, 770, r9 280, r9 290. You can find one for cheap, even here in canada the r9 290 sells for approx. 200$ CAN (which would be 150 US I guess?) and can even get you 60 fps in most games at 1080p while performing better than the rx 480 at higher res.

What a noobie!

Thanks for the answers! Yeah the money isn’t a lot so one upgrade just for now! The CPU seems to be a good choice, I’m with you, any i5? Or do you have any preferences. I’m from Portugal, so I’m a little limited for the used sections but If it’s a good chip it’s worth wild!

I’m not gaming a lot, with this specs I cannot run anything…but I’m highly infatuated with FireWatch… But gaming in 1080p is the goal!

You would need to get an i5 for your motherboard socket: LGA 1150.

For instance you could get the i5-4670.

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Yes, I know that, lga 1150 i5! Ok, I would take a look over on the i5 and see what I can get! Thanks one more for the replies! Great help!


I would say buy a new GPU now and do an entire MOBO RAM and CPU upgrade later, ya your CPU will hold back you back but when you upgrade you can bring your GPU up to the new system. Plus it gets you playing games sooner.

It wouldn’t be a huge bottleneck with this CPU that I have now?

Yes it would. That dual core is really low end stuff. Get a 4th gen i5 you’ll be set for at least 2 years

It would but you can play alot more games now, ur not guna be playing bf4 or stuff like that, but you can play alot of other games, csgo, Dota, league, older AAA games. Cuz if u upgrade ur cpu ur still stuck with integrated graphics until you get a gpu. Like I said it would get u playing games sooner.

However, the integrated graphics on an Haswell i5 is still much better than the Pentium.

Like to play Firewatch? It’s the game I’m more kind to play right now… Well, the 2 arguments are fair, for one side buy a GPU and I can play some games, other hand, buy a CPU capable to with a GPU be able to play games 1080p…damn choices!

Sadly, I don’t think it would give you a good experience with firewatch.

The reason why I’m reccomending the CPU over the GPU upgradel, is because CPU’s last a lot longer than GPU’s Lots of people upgrade those on an annual basis. CPU’s usually hold their value for a lot longer.

And while you could get the GPU now, it would be very limited by the current CPU, thus making the GPU not delivering what it can until you do get the correct CPU. Basically, it would be a waste of the GPU. So the lesser of the two evils, get the CPU, you’ll thank us later.

(When people are usually upgrading their GPU’s sometimes they sell for peanuts, so you would be able to get a great deal on these anyway)

Yes, I understood and I’m in the track of buying a CPU first and long the way upgrade it with a GPU. I’m seeing the ebay and trying to see if there’s a opportunity of a great deal!
Have anyone brought an used CPU? What’s your experiences?

Used CPU’s are fine. I personally haven’t bought a used CPU, but there are plenty of vids on youtube about people that have and they are fine.

I bought 2 used cpus. An i5 2500k and an i5 2400 and both worked as mentioned. It’fs awesome I got them from 85$ CAD and they take any video card I throw at them.

I have to pay attention on the used market and see if I can get a gem in properly working order