How do you guys feel about these types of things?

Basically trying to make money by working when I’m not working.

I just have been looking at all these articles etc on weird shit you can do for side income, some looking more promising than others lmao.

Here’s an example;

Basically, what I am wondering is if anyone else has ever messed with one. I used to use one called Mindstorm which was ultimately a waste of time.

I’m a bit ‘yes & no’ (or more correctly suspicious) about this type of concept, despite Nielsen stating that what they collect is ‘anonymous’ it’s still a form of clandestine data-collecting.

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Lmao yeah this one isn’t one I could bite into definitely. Some seem quite profitable however most seem like a blatant privacy invasion

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ehhhh idk, I feel uncomfortable about that. Also it seems like such little money for the invasion of privacy (if one can put a price on privacy)