How did I do?

My build:
Cpu x4 860k
GPU XFX 7970 ghost cooling
PSU evga supernova 650 g2
Mobo gigabyte f2a78m-d3h
RAM corsair vengeance 1600mhz
SSD adata su700
HDD western digital blue 1tb
Case diypc solo t1 black
Cooler cooler master hyper 212 evo
Tell me how i did!

How much was your budget? And are you able to order parts online or do you buy them in stores?

About 400. I found most of the parts on fire sale except the that from a friend who used it for 2 weeks and needed more power and sold it to me for 50 bucks

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For $400 that’ll certainly do.

Pretty decent job for $400. It should be plenty capable for 1080p gaming.

I think considering the price of that PSU new you did ok. Some of the part you could have gotten new cheap and thus had a warranty and that mobo doesn’t rate so well but hey I am not going to knock buying Gigabyte much because I have bought much of their stuff for awhile now and had no issues. How much ram did you get btw? 8 GB? 16 GB? Depending on what you in regards to that it will say even more about what kind of deal you got. Finally if you are happy that really is what matters. Enjoy.

Got 16gb of that for 70 and ot works perfectly. My OS is linux mint 18.1.

Well you did damn good on the price of the ram too. : )