Hooked up my PC to My TV and sat in couch... It sucked!

So i decided to try the good old PC hooking up to a TV for Couch PC gaming and it sucked ass! Its terrible. It was just horrible experience! (AS a PC gaming i consider mouse and Keyboard not Controller). So it was just so uncomfortable and when you try to controll Things with mouse sitting 2m away its terrible. Just foking terrible. All These People saying you can hook up the pc to a tv and its better than consol are a foking liars. Its worse. Way worse. If you sit on a Couch with a mouse and Controller and TV is way far away its so awkward + if everything is on wire there are cables running throu the room and it Looks terrible. If you dont want wires running throu the room you must buy a wireless mouse and keayboard. If you want no lag you will pay a loooot of Money for that wireless shit. And when PC stands next to a TV it Looks horrible. And its not Relaxing PC gaming on a Couch! Its horrible! Couch is for console, gaming chair is for PC.

Ummm ok. You want some pepper with your salt?

I have done this lots with my 130inch projector and it’s awesome. Yes there’s lag but I also don’t give many “foks”

just use your phone to control your pc like a tablet, with the app called Unified remote.

as for gaming, there’s steam big picture and xbox one s bluetooth controllers.

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You’re going to have to do some configuration work if you want to get the most out of it…its not a console with console ergonomics built straight into it…
Just get a Steam Link for 50$ or someshit if the wires are annoying you and you think a tower looks bad besides the TV.

“I just bought a new bike and the seating position sucks! Biking foking sucks! :angry:
“Have you tried adjusting the seat…?”

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You can try the corsair lapdog if you hate getting laid.

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Good review of pc couch gaming, insightful and well spoken.