HEVC Encoding

I’m looking to start ripping my DVD and Blu-ray library and would like the newest standard HEVC due to the file size it can produce (I don’t mind that it is slower than X264). I’m looking for a program that has a GUI and is simple enough to fly through the set up of what I want. I have been using handbrake but I was curious if there is anything out there that would speed this process up. (Running a i7-7700k and a 1070 GTX).

Re-encoding the videos, even with a newer standard, still lowers the overall quality.

Was gonna say ffmpeg would be perfect, all all you need to do is chuck w/e videos in a directory and then it takes care of the rest. However it is CLI only; and is what handbrake is based off btw.

Unfortunately, this is all CPU bound. And you would need a CPU with more cores to speed up the process.