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Hey all,

I was playing some battlefield 1 and my pc started having some issues. I have a 4790k @ 4.4 and a 980ti. Ussually when I play games my CPU never goes over 52C and everything is smooth and fine. While I was playing I noticed that I was getting alot of FPS drops and during these drops my audio would go quite and then loud again, kind of going along with the stuttering and lag. So I went and checked what was going on and my cpu was sitting at 65C, which its never hit that high on water. My hardware monitor also showed my cpu running at 100% load, so there is some bottlenecking that started.

Can any of you think of any ideas thats causing this? CPU dying? Motherboard issues?

Is this only happening on BF1 or ather games too?

Just this one. Haven’t tested anything yet. Once the kids are in bed I will. Very strange behaviour though

I ran into a water cooled system that had a similar problem once but it turned out that the water pump had died. If this is only happening with BF1 though that is probably not the problem.

If it was the pump wouldn’t it just get hotter and hotter. Also why would it go to 100% usage and mess with my game?

Yes, and probably likely your PC would shut off to prevent damage to the CPU. but you could see reported excess cpu usage if its over heating but like I said I don’t think that this is your problem here.

but I did just find this

65C isn’t that hot. Intel is rated to throttle at 100 - 105 C.

But, I would inspect the loop and make sure that its fine, and the pump just in case.

If you run a stress test for a while, what are your temps?

I fixed it. I redid my CPU overclock. Same numbers as before I might add and everything is working smoothly again.

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