Help with monitor decisions

Hey so a bit of back story before I start. Currently I have a LG34UC97 ultra wide monitor which is 3440x1440p and I freaking love it! I have a 980ti driving it. Lately I have noticed that my gpu is having trouble keeping up in new titles which makes sense as games get harder to run. Now old me would just go out a buy a 1080ti and be done with it but now that I have a house and car payments and 2 little children I cant really keep going out and buying a 1000$ gpu whenever it gets hard running games at 60fps at this high of a res.

So Ive decided to go and sell my monitor and have a bit of a downgrade so Im not putting financial stress on my family to support my hobbies.

So Im looking at 2 different monitors.

First one is the ACer Predator Z301c its a 21:9 2560x1080 200hz gsync panel

Second one being a generic 2560x1440p 60-144hz panel.

I cant really decided on which one to get. My goal is to get a nice panel that doesn’t require me to be getting the best gpu to run it. Personally I kind of want the acer as I love using ultra wide for games and I feel that going back to 16:9 would be to much for me. Plus its a lower res which is easier to run. But it being 30inches the ppi would still be good. Plus I have always wanted 144hz or higher to game at. My only concern is tha 2560x1080 is going away very soon as 1080p is dying in terms of pc gaming and I dont want to be left behind in terms of current standard.

AS far as the second one goes. High res is always pretty. And for some reason people seem to hate on 2560x1080. Atleast the 34inch ones.

Pretty much my goal is to have a nice gaming panel. Preferably 21:9 that I dont need to keep buying 1000$ gpus to run it smoothly.

Anyways what do you guys think?

Sorry if its confusing. Im 4 glasses of wine in right now.


i would go with a 2560x1440p gsync. i wasn’t a fan of how short the 2560x1080p. just my thoughts man. (i use a 3440x1440 panel now)

Have an epic day!