Help with Keyboard/USB audio device

I just got the HyperX Cloud 2. When I plug in the USB for the headset, my keyboard no longer works. This could be a number of things I suppose. Is it my keyboard or my motherboard’s ports? It’s not the headset, I had this issue with my old headset as well. Please help. This issue may resolve itself because a new keyboard is arriving tomorrow.

I figured you may have already tried this but did you test one plugged into the I/O port on the mobo and the other in the front usb?

EDIT: worse come to worse you could always try out a PCI-E to USB card

Definitely give an update after trying the new keyboard. Have you tried plugging both the headset and the keyboard into other ports? Best thing to do would be unplug all USB peripherals from your computer then plug in your mouse, keyboard, and headset into the same ports they were in. Does the issue still occur? If so, move your keyboard and headset to completely different ports to see if the issue reoccurs under those circumstances. Unless you have a weird configuration with USB ports shutting off under certain conditions it might be a short. Unless you have a device that requires x2USB connections, or a 3.0 over 2.0 port, and you’re unplugging one of those to plug in your headset.

I had a very similar issue with a Razer keyboard a few years ago, but it was my mouse that would stop working. Turned out to be an issue with the USB/Headset pass through on the keyboard developing some sort of short. New keyboard solved the problem.

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So I got the new keyboard Masterkeys Pro S Mx Browns. It works with the headset, I haven’t installed any software for the keyboard’s lighting yet. Let’s see if it still works after that.

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It works!!! I’m rockin headphones AND a keyboard! Thanks for the help. Even though I fixed the problem by getting a new keyboard. My old keyboard was a corsair rubber dome keyboard. I’m assuming it was doing that because of an issue with corsair’s software.