Help with home internet

Hey so I’m having some internet issues. I live up in Canada and have my home internet through Telus. 15down 2 up. Shit small town internet. Used to be slower!

Anyways. I’m having an issue if someone is using the internet. No matter how small the task is for some reason it will use all the bandwidth. I’ll be playing games and my wife will text a picture over wifi and my game will instantly boot me cause all the internet went over to her phone. Another example is right now for instance I had to put my phone on LTE to write this up cause there is music streaming in the house.

I’ve called the provider multiple times about this and they always says it’s nothing on thier end and tell me to just reset blah blah blah useless tech guy.

Anyways. Has anyone heard of this issue before and is there something in my router settings I should look into??

Help would be great cause this issue sucks ass. I just want the router to share bandwidth when there is more than one thing going on.

You should enable QoS (Quality of Service), which allows you to define the priority (weight) or types of data that goes in and out of your router.

For instance, if you prioritize streaming over say downloading over TCP something that is not so reliant on latency, then it will improve your experience.

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Ok cool I’ll give that a try. Thanks!