Help with hiding my ip

Hi all,
I bought a server. I know nothing about managing a server so thought the best way to learn would be to get one and find out. It’s going alright but I started hosting some games on it. I have my ipv4 i.p. address and so far people have been finding the server through luck, friends have been connecting because I am already in.

Anyway, I have my external i.p. address and can connect to TeamSpeak with it etc but I don’t want to give it out. Is there a way to have an i.p. address that isn’t mine that I can give to people that then connects to my i.p. with no delays etc so I can give people an address and port to access a game for example?

Cheers for looking

You Can either do a VPN from the likes of an Amazone EC2 instance. People connect to the Amazon IP and then is forward to your IP Address, Or a Reverse Proxy in the Likes of Amazon. that can do something similar. You can combination of both.

you need to buy a host name and bind it to that IP address.

So instead of people having to remember the numbers they can remember “mygameserver . net” or something like that.