Help with all audio questions!

I know that @Logan loves good audio. He is not alone. And audio can be tricky, specially troubleshooting some weird issues from time to time could drive you crazy.
So lets create a topic where we can help with all sorts of audio issues, mostly focused on PC audio, streaming (livestreaming) and microphones!

Some facts about me and what i can offer:
DJing for over 4 years (that includes the famous Wave Gotik Treffen, i actually live in that city^^), a lot of expirience with studio recording and audio editing, a decent analog setup tailored towards my needs and some expirience with german audio/european brands. Anything that has to do with a DAW, DJ software (Traktor, Serato blah), setting up proper audio while streaming with OBS or Xsplit or buying audio gear, studio monitors, isolating your room - i can help with all that stuff.
What i cant offer: mostly gaming and home cinema audio stuff. Not my cup of tea. No 5.1/7.1 for me, no virtual surround, none of that stuff.

While @Logan focused on your regional stuff like Mayflower, Fostex or Antlion Modmic, i can tell you more about european brands, current products and development in that area.

And remember, audio is important, just like video - but it is subjective and can be harder to work with than video what you can directly see and compare.

I hope the community here can help anyone with saving money and getting better audio at the same time for any project blah. It can be tricky and we will try to remove some myths and solve some problems.

P.S. english is not my native language, but i can offer russian and german too, dont judge me too hard^^

Edit: no wireless audio stuff either, i have no expirience and even less desire to work around that. iPhone here, Bluetooth there - stay away from me with that voodoo magic. But there is something that i know - professional wireless transmittors that are usually used during concerts and live sets. Dont be confused, thats a different level and professinal gear is actually stable enough to work everywhere, even in full stadiums where everyone has a phone transmitting signals. If you want to know more about it; feel free to ask.


Great thread @cryon1cang3l , I’m mainly a Røde user in regard to recording audio on my two GoPros.

But I am very interested in your informative audio-thread.

Rode is decent, really low noise on the gear, but it is not cheap. Great value on the used market makes up for that, but some people cant afford that gear in the beginning, so i will most likely focus on lower priced stuff.
Same goes for Sennheiser, amazing stuff in the high end, but mediocre cheap stuff. There are other brands that produce really decent products under 100$, thats what most people are looking for - under 100$ for a piece^^

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Awesome idea. So I have a TASCAM interface. I use this for all my PC audio. Games are played through my TASCAM, and intoMackie monitors, as well as audio production in REAPER. Is there any real reason for me to get something like the Mayflower DAC? Does it provide benefits to production work? Sorry if this is a little broad of a question.

That depends on the quality of the tascam interface - i had some of them for a short time, they are decent.
I know they are not really loud, not enough power to drive high impedance headphones (had a few problems with that while DJing, just not enough volume for a loud club PA).
I would personally look into something bigger for production instead of going for a “mainstream” DAC. RME or MOTU would be something that i would look into, with enough in&outputs.
My personal audio interface is the Terrasoniq Phase X645 USB. the company is dead and it is a really rare piece of equipment (i had to pull drivers from an archive to make it work!), but it fits my needs. Only a few models have phono preamps for vinyl right on the box.
I would always look into professional audio. Nothing against Mayflower etc, but if you do some recording, DJing or anything else that requires inputs, you need professional gear.
The only thing that i would add to that setup is a pure headphone amp, without a DAC - just to power headphones if you use them. My beyerdynamic DT-770 250Ohm are a bit on the quiet side, but the audio interface is louder and clearer than my realteak soundchip on the X99-A (revision 1), so i would benefit from a headphone amp here.

And i dont know if Mayflower offers ASIO drivers, but you need ASIO for low latency in your DAW. Thats the main difference between mainstream/hi-fi soundcards and studio/DJ audio interfaces.