*HELP* R9 290X Crossfire Second Card Always Idle *HELP*

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. I have a Ryzen 7 1700 on an ASRock x370 SLI/AC motherboard, 16GB GSkill 2800 Mhz ram and two Sapphire R9 290x in crossfire. For some reason even under load my second card is reporting as idle at 300mhz and shows change in load, temps or fan speed. I swapped the cards to make sure the gpu wasn’t dead, still the 2nd card is idle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you enable the cards in the Crimson software, have you updates to the latest drivers, and do you have displays hooked to one or both CPUs?

one display hooked up to primary card, both are enabled showing in both Crimson software and GPU-Z as well as MSI afterburner. Latest 17.3.3 drivers.

Are they at the same clock speeds? Sometimes that messes with Xfire if they are different

both at stock 1040.

I found it. In the bios for my motherboard it was set to PCI-E 1x16 instead of 2x8… this should auto detect but you know…


I tried crossfire once with 290x, it was so hot that the first card got down to 600mhz. May I ask what brand of 290x you have? Mine was MSI

Sapphire R9 290x Tri-X. It wasn’t a thermal issue, I had to set the PCI-E slots to run in 2x8 instead of 1x16. Now they are running like they should have been.