Help on Linux for Gaming

Hi community,
i am looking into buying a gaming laptop (ASUS i7-770HQ GeForce GTX 1070) that is quite expensive already, and found a version w/o OS - FreeDos preinstalled.
So my question would be: Is it worth going Linux and which should i choose, note i’ve never used Linux? or should i just buy windows and forget about it ? most concern is about driver compatibility, glitches, crashes etc.
i mostly intend to game on it. DOTA, CSGO, R6.

Thank you in advance

You could buy the FreeDos version then either dual boot windows (there some pretty good tutorial) or get windows and do a clean install, if you want to have windows.

Linux demands much more user-input, but the effort you put into learning this system is worth it.

I tend to alternate between Ubuntu Studio (Linux), and Windows-10 depending on my mood or work-arrangements.

Thanks community.
I will try to get Ubuntu on it.
Dont want to spend additional 120€ on windows just so it spies on what kind of a person i am.

Linux mint is also a pretty good.

I want to start getting on linux because eventually windows is gonna drop windows 7

The Linux Youtuber English Bob created a gaming-distro called ‘Bobuntu’ which I think is still available on SourceForge.

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Thanks. I’ll look into it.

No Worries :smiley_cat: