Help me getting into Skyrim Mods

So, now after playing Skyrim for 156 hours, I want to get into mods. Any kinds of mods. Just help me, lets gather the best and most important skyrim mods here. I already have:
Insects Be Gone
Pure Waters
Better Embers
HD Plants & Herbs
Endanced Towns and Villages
Sounds Of Skyrim
Quality Map
Flashier Weapon Enchantments

I want to get more. More quests, more graphics, more functionality, more skyrim.
Please help.

For ORIGINAL Skyrim, not for SE, the mods for SE are too few at the moment. When I played normal Skyrim a bit more I’ll get the SE.
In Skyrim I have all the DLC, so mods have to be compatible with that.

For content, Wyrmstooth and Falskaar are both good. As for general mods, check the list for the RealVision ENB. You don’t need the ENB, unless you really want to, but the list (and install order) of the mods is pretty extensive for visuals. It’s at least worthwhile to check them out and pick ones you like.

Skyrim SE does work with mods, and it seems to run a lot smoother versus a modded OG Skyrim; however it is lacking SKSE support. I made a thread about SE mods a little while ago with some screenshots, but I really haven’t gotten into it since SkyUI doesn’t work. I guess the guy who made SkyUI has no plans of updating it, but has left it open if anyone else wants to.

Well, as far as animation mods go, Skyrim is literally unplayable for me without this :

WIP Open Ward Stance Animations for Shield Users (this is how viking-era shields should be used in combat) -
Hold Your Torch Higher (holding a torch in front of you would night-blind you, make you unable to see anything past that) -

Mods that take the game’s paddles and turn them into proper weapons :
LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons -
Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project -
Closer quivers and longer arrows (included in many archery overhauls) -
Real Bows -
New Thinner Torch -
Ultimate HD Torch (similar to thinner torch, but also prettier) -
Single-bitted Steel battleaxe -
Thinner Auriel’s Bow -
Red Eagle’s Blade (cause Red Eagle was a reachman, not an ancient nord) -

Mods that add sleeves and/or pants to existing armors. Cause apparently Bethesda doesn’t know what cold weather is :
Super Sleeves of Skyrim -
Hide Armor with sleeves -
Dude wheres my pants - Leather Armor -
Banded Iron with Sleeves -
Ancient Nord armor complete -
Sleeved imperials -
Steel armor with sleeves -
StormCloak Officer Armour With Sleeves Replacer -

Mods compensating for other stupid fantasy tropes :
Helmet variants - horns and wings removed - Iron and Steel Plate -
Stahlrim helmet replacer -
No longer horny ancient nord helm blend files and ancientnordhelm nif files (if you can make it work) -
Knight Armor - Ebony Armor Edit (it removes the spikes that made the armor ridiculously impractical) -
Ladies ragged trousers (so that the item is actually trousers instead of a tunic) -
Practical Female Armors -

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Logan did a video on his Skyrim mods a few years back, I still use most of these mods plus the ones that I have added. A good long list that will add so much stuff and make Skryrim so much more fun.

One thing to keep in mind, some of this stuff is potentially obsolete or has been outdone by other mods.

There are a couple of up-to-date tutorials on the net, notably the S.T.E.P. project.

Ok a big thank you to y’all. When I’ll find some sreetime in the next weeks I’ll try them. I have also found this article which seemed pretty cool: ,big ammount of graphical improvements.

My 2 cents would be to use Mod Organizer as opposed to Nexus Mod Manager. It’s a little more difficult to set up at first, but it handles incompatibilities automatically. Integration with NMM magnet links are seamless once you set it up.

AFAIK, the author of Mod Organizer was hired by Nexus to work on the Nexus Mod Manager and has ceased development of MO. NMM will integrate the features and functionnalities that MO had, making MO obsolete.

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That sounds really cool! I think it’s good to consolidate all of the talented developers to a single platform in this instance. It’s never been a better time to be a PC gamer.